Metal Cleaning Machines for the Industrial World

Firbimatic Metal Cleaning Division has decided to focus on the manufacture of a broad range of industrial metal cleaning machines, designed to meet the needs of manufacturing, aerospace, medical and precision companies. These units completely remove both organic and inorganic contaminants from the treated pieces, pinpointing from time to time the cleaning cycle most suitable for the type of component and pollutant.

Perfect standards of cleanliness during the various stages of industrial cycles are today a crucial requirement that modern firms must achieve in view of the growing demand for finished products of impeccable quality.

Our Metal Cleaning Systems, in total compliance with the international standards protecting operators and safeguarding the environment, are able to successfully treat both metal and non-metal surfaces including those with especially complex shapes, featuring blind holes or hard-to-access cavities, right up to the microstructure of components made of sintered material.

Our range of machine for the degreasing of metal includes models of varying capacities, with compact dimensions and high hourly production outputs, for washing light and delicate components weighing just a few grams, right up to customised solutions for treating large pieces weighing over a tonne, while always providing constant and regular cleaning standards, whatever the condition and type of contaminants.

All the Firbimatic Metal Cleaning Division systems are designed to offer an inexpensive, rational and simple solution to industrial component cleaning requirements.



The process of industrial cleaning with modified alcohol, hydrocarbon or solvent in a hermetically sealed circuit, is the ideal technology for applications where the highest quality in treatments is sought along with the economy and the repeatability of the results. The machines of Firbimatic are available in standard and special versions, operating with modified alcohol, class A III aliphatic hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents and hydrofluorocarbons.




Our Masterwash Aqueous Washing Machine range makes it possible to obtain unprecedented washing results, often even superior to those obtainable with chemical solvents. The Masterwash range includes hydrokinetic systems (mod. Logica W), washing Cabins (mod. CM), Tunnel and Carrousel conveyors (mod. CT-TR) and other systems to custom configuration.




Since many years Firbimatic is one of the world-wide leading companies in the design and construction of a wide range of special plants, with large baskets for the treatment of tubes, profiles and of other metal parts of the mechanical precision industry, medical, avionics and military.

The systems are available for working with modified alcohols, hydrocarbons, perchlorethylene or aqueous solutions.


We can provide the very best solutions for automatic and semi-automatic basket loading and unloading, for the automatic detection of the type of component contained in the baskets and subsequent customisation of cleaning programmes (solutions with transponders and bar codes). Further accessories such as Water-chillers, steam generators, additional filtering elements, solvent concentration measurers, are integrated with the initial project whenever necessary.

MEC-SPE 2018: The Manufacturing Industry Fair, Parma 22-24 Marzo


Also this year at Pavilion 2, stand J 04, it was possible to discover innovative products and the Firbimatic Metal Cleaning’s washing systems. The washing system, Evolution 200, has been exposed. It is considered the Firbimatic’s flagship model providing precision parts cleaning through washing and dryings cycles in a vacuum-sealed chamber. Evolution 200 uses hydrocarbons […]

NASA, the American Space Agency has chosen FIRBIMATIC


The American worldwide prestigeous organization NASA’s has adquired a Firbimatic Multisolvent 100 for the degreasing needs of their lab at the  Marshall Space Flight Center situated on the U.S. Army’s Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Ala. Home of U.S. Space Camp and the site of the NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge, the Space & Rocket Center has one of […]

Widening of the fields of application of Firbimatic hermetically sealed cleaning systems


It is getting more and more extended the application field of Firbimatic metal degreasing equipment ! Please find hereinafter an updated list of  industrial areas where our hermetically sealed cleaning machines are currently in service for the highest cleanliness needs and surface treatments : AEROSPACE CONSTRUCTION AND OVERHAULING AIR CONDITIONING INST. COMPONENTS AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY AUXILIARY COMPONENTS […]