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From the automotive to the aerospaceindustries, that’swhy the success of Firbimatic isunstoppable

Technological and entrepreneurialinnovationis the pillarof the success of Firbimatic, the reason why since the 1970s the technologies developed for the industrial cleaningof metal components have been around the world. The closed-circuit industrial cleaning process with solvent represents the ideal technology for application swhere the aimis to achieve the high est cleaning result sat the lowest […]

(Italiano) MECSPE, 28 – 30 Marzo 2019

(Italiano) Firbimatic parteciperà alla nuova edizione del MECSPE 2019 dal 28 al 30 Marzo a Parma: protagonista indiscusso l’impianto di lavaggio a solvente MULTISOLVENT 100V.