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From the automotive to the aerospaceindustries, that’swhy the success of Firbimatic isunstoppable

Technological and entrepreneurialinnovationis the pillarof the success of Firbimatic, the reason why since the 1970s the technologies developed for the industrial cleaningof metal components have been around the world. The closed-circuit industrial cleaning process with solvent represents the ideal technology for application swhere the aimis to achieve the high est cleaning result sat the lowest […]

The Metal DegreasingProcess: decrease in consumptions and costs thanks to the Firbimatic brandedsystems

Metal parts and surfaces are some of the most frequently degreasedequipment in industrial work environmentsfallingvictim to grease, waste oil residues and accumulations of stubborndirt. Due to their challenging geometry which may demonstrate features suchas blindholes, fine threads and internal complexities , precision parts can be exceptionally difficult to clean by hand with long times and […]

(Italiano) MECSPE, 28 – 30 Marzo 2019

(Italiano) Firbimatic parteciperà alla nuova edizione del MECSPE 2019 dal 28 al 30 Marzo a Parma: protagonista indiscusso l’impianto di lavaggio a solvente MULTISOLVENT 100V.

Solvent and modified alcohol washing systems: the technology chosen by NASA

The project carried out by Firbimatic for NASA is undoubtedly included in the list of “business success cases”: featuring the Multisolvent 100 system installed in their premises in early 2018. An industrial cleaning machine that uses solvent and modified alcohol technology is what has been done for the Marshall Space Flight Center located at U.S. […]

Micronora, Besançon 25th – 29th September 2018

MICRONORA, Besançon France, is an annual microtechnology and precision trade fair, the best place to find out more about micro and nano technologies applied in aeronautical and medical sectors. Firbimatic was present at this important appointment through one of its authorized distributors in Switzerland, the company Application Ultrasons from Duiller, a company founded in 1968 […]

Special degreasing machines: when CERN of Geneva has chosen Firbimatic

Among the projects followed over the years, who has allowed FIRBIMATIC to be recognized  as a leader in the sector of metal cleaning machines  is  the world’s largest particle physics laboratory, the CERN of Geneva.   THE NEED: a cleaning system for electroplating components The excellent reputation as manufacturer of systems for washing special metal […]