From the automotive to the aerospaceindustries, that’swhy the success of Firbimatic isunstoppable

Technological and entrepreneurialinnovationis the pillarof the success of Firbimatic, the reason why since the 1970s the technologies developed for the industrial cleaningof metal components have been around the world.

The closed-circuit industrial cleaning process with solvent represents the ideal technology for application swhere the aimis to achieve the high est cleaning result sat the lowest possible running costs with consistency and cleaning performance repetitiveness being the key objective.

The washing basket of our machines isavailable in a variety of sizes thatallowyou to cleannotonly small metal components but also large rones that can weigh many tons.

Firbimatic solvent systems are especially effective for geometrically challanging parts suchasblind or through holes and welds thanks to a treatment which involves a sequence of spray, immersion and vapourstages.


Aswellas supplying a standard range of solvent and aqueous systems FIRBIMATIC specialises in customise dinstallations according to the specifications of the customer .

Both the dimensions of the washing chamber and the constructive and technological aspects of the systemare tailoredto customer needs.

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A strong vocation for internationalization: how FIRBIMATIC can prepare for the future.

Currently, , export sales representabout 70% of the total business: China, United States and Germany are the countries where some of ourmostimportant international customers are located.

While in Italy we have a direct co-operation with aeronautical industries for which were gularly design and produce washing systems for large components, in the rest of the world, joint ventures with newly-industrialized countries allow us to consolidate ourposition abroad..

Are you curious to find out how the metal cleaning division of FIRBIMATI Chasachieved the successes during the last tenyears?

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New and exciting challenges awaitus for the current new year, so we just have to say: AD MAIORA!