The Metal Degreasing Process: decrease in consumptions and costs thanks to the Firbimatic brandedsystems

Metal parts and surfaces are some of the most frequently degreasedequipment in industrial work environmentsfallingvictim to grease, waste oil residues and accumulations of stubborndirt.

Due to their challenging geometry which may demonstrate features suchas blindholes, fine threads and internal complexities , precision parts can be exceptionally difficult to clean by hand with long times and unsatisfactoryresults.

That’s the reason why many companies decide to purchase a modern industrial machine for cleaning metal parts.

The quality of the final result clearly depends on the type of washing technology and solvent used.

Itis the right combination of these elements to make industrial metal washing system the ideal solution in terms of effectiveness and efficiency.

Effectiveness and efficiency of a degreasing machine offer serveral advantages in terms of energy consumptionreduction and business productivityand sustainability.

Let’sanalyse the benefitstogether:



If blind spots of a metal component can be exceptionally difficult to clean by hand the solution comes from a parts washing system which applies cleaning solvent uniformly without obstacles.

Dirt and residues are thereforeeliminated by the combined action of solvent, heat and pressure



Manual washingexposesthe operators to direct and continuous contact with the vapors of solvents and other chemical substances which, over time, could cause serious damage to health.

To avoid this problem, Firbimatic Metal Cleaning Division solvent systems perform the complete washing and drying cycle inside an hermetically sealed process chamber.

When a system maintains an air tight sealit prevents measura bleemission levels that could result from the evaporation.

The reducedenvironmental impact isalsothe result of acontinuous search for modern solvents and of the R&D process aimedatupdating the technologies currently in use.



The closedcircuit system thatcharacterizesFirbimatic’ssolvent-based industrial washing machines also stands out for a significantreduction in the costs associated with washing.

In fact, during the transport, storage, loading and unloadingphases, the dispersion of the solvent ispractically zero: at the end of the work cycle the same is recycled and cleaned of the dirt residue scollectedduring washing

The hermetically sealeddegreasing systems represent there forea valid alternative thusenabling companies to reduce time, costs and emissions deriving from the cleaning of industrial and mechanical part.

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Isthereany plan B?


A valid alternative to solvent degreasing machines isalsore presented by the aqueousand detergent cleaning technology.

The Masterwashrange, designed and manufactured by FIRBIMATIC, is the result of twentyyears of experience of the company in managing the differentcleaningprocessesthat exploit aqueoussolutions.

Master washis the answer to companies looking for ecological solutions for cleaning metal parts.